Calla’s birthday party

On Saturday, we celebrated Calla’s first birthday with a family party.  It was a long awaited event and the first birthday party we have had in Michigan (for any of the kids) since Gabe turned one (back in 2006).

It was a great day – full of love, laughter and celebration of our not-so-little girl.  She had lots of fun with her cousins and thoroughly enjoyed all of her new clothes. 
We chose a ladybug theme for Calla’s first birthday party and decorated the house in all red and black.  Besides the standard crepe paper streamers, we had a birthday sign made out of scrapbook paper triangles and hung them with clothespins on ribbon.  My sister filled red and white balloons with black paper confetti and then took them to be filled with helium – giving them a spotted look.  I hung a picture of Calla from each month she has been alive on a ribbon and it is amazing to see the growth and change in her every month.  For our food, I put out two crock pots of spaghetti sauce (one veggie and one with meatballs), noodles, garlic bread and garden salad.  It was so nice to offer a real meal and it was minimally fussy.  Instead of cake and ice cream separately, I made ice cream cupcakes.  I layered chocolate cupcakes with vanilla ice cream and piped red whipped cream on the top.

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