Soup week

Welcome Brong family to fall in Michigan.  All week our days were filled with cold rain, high winds and freezing temperatures.  I officially declared last week soup week.  I have made many soups over the years, but they usually revolve around the ever classic Chicken Noodle (or with rice) and French Onion.  So this past week, we branched out of our comfort zone and experimented with five different soups. 

lasagna soup
lentil vegetable soup
cream of mushroom soup
crock pot zuppa toscana
italian meatball soup
It was a good week – warm and comforting like the tasty broths and creams we digested. By the end of the week, we had our fill of soups and sandwiches and I made chicken fried rice with cheese rangoons.  If I made any changes to the recipes, it was mostly doubling the size and/or adding meat (for my meatitarian husband).  

I can’t take credit for these gorgeous pictures, as they are from the original websites.  Links to the recipes are in the captions.


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