Zander at the computer

This cold is not helping Zander’s fussiness at all. Wherever I go, he goes. If I put him down, I have to be prepared for him scooting right after me, crying the whole way. He’s finally got scooting on his stomach down to a science and can go pretty fast. It’s hard for him to crawl up on his knees. With no carpet underneath him, his knees just slide out from under him. I’ll get a video of it sooner or later. Anyway, now anytime I’m at the computer, he has to be at the computer too. We put a basket of books under the computer desk to pull out whenever we’re sitting there so he can be right next to us. This particular day it wasn’t enough to be sitting on the floor next to the computer chair, so Zander sat on the desk next to the monitor while I was typing. He likes to see how far he can push my patience when he sits there. The keyboard is such a temptation to him. He can’t sit there without reaching out and touching just one key. Every time he touches the keyboard or monitor, he gets in trouble, but he just can’t help himself.


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